Our Values seperates us

 Kad Kam Technology Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1982 in Lahore, Pakistan. Initially we started with manufacturing of Lower Links and Yoke assembly, rear attachments for tractors. In 1992 we added CNC Machines for in-house machining. In 2001 we upgradred our forging facilities to manufacture Connecting Rods. We now have know-how to Forge and machine different kinds of connecting rods used in petrol and diesel engines. We have the capabilities and know-how to supply :

  • Alloy Steel Forgings made to customers requirements

  • Engine Parts, Transmission Parts Hydraulic Attachments, Hooks and Shackles.

  • We specialize in manufacturing for Connecting Rods

  • Customer-specified custom jobs with MOQ of 500 pieces/sets

  • 90% of the production is supplied to OEM's.

Our values that makes cornerstones of our business practices

  • An emphasis on continuous improvements in production processes

  • A committment to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Striving to exceed customer's expectations

  • Striving to exceed customer expectations.

  • Ensuring timely deliveries.

  • Concentrating on building quality into our products and services.

  • We listen to our customers quality input

  • Appointing, retaining and developing motivated work-forces

We have the production flexibility to accept custom jobs while maintaining OEM Standards of Quality

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